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The village of Vernazza was a community formed toward the year 1000 round the chapel. This community built a Sanctuary on the hils of Reggio, and by the 12 th century had extended its territory down to its harbour on the sea.

Vernazza is an old picturesque village proud of its fishing tradition. It faces a tiny bay which is dominated by cliffs and by two ancient towers.
It is the most charming village of the 5 Terre. Vernazza still has medieval features: the main square of the village is surrounded by many-coloured houses built on the rocks.
At sunset the "lampara", that is the motor-trawlers which glow-worms roam the sea at night and loaded with fish, steer towards the small harbours at down, set sail from Vernazza and from the villages nearby
.The small beach of Vernazza is dominated by the beautiful church of Saint Margaret of Antioch built on 1318 in the gothic-ligure style, with the bell-tower in Nolan style with an octagonal dome.

Visitare Vernazza

At sea level there is a wide grotto, about 70 metres deep called "Grotta del diavolo". When the sea is very rough, the waves reach the village through the opening at the bottom of the grotto.

To visit:

The church dedicated to Saint Margaret Of Antioch: the little square of Vernazza is dominated by a beautiful church in gothic-Ligurian style (built on 1318) it contains three naves with a bell-tower in Nolan style with an octagonal section.

The Doria Castle: the imposing Doria Castle is the gretest example of military architecture of that time. You can visit it all year around. It was built during the Oberthengi's dominance at the middle of the 11th century.

The Massif big tower Belforte: On the western side of the Doria Castle there is the massif big tower Belforte, with an embattled edge which is strongly plauted on the cliff of Ventegà


From Vernazza to Monterosso Path n.2 (about 2 hours)
The path n.2 enters into the centre of the Village of Vernazza, crosses the main street and then comes up the built up area through an ancient alley which overlooks the parish church of St. Mary of Antiochia.
There are spectacular views at the beginning of the path when it leaves the small beach of Vernazza.
It goes very steep in the coast covered with vineyards and olive groves. It runs through Riolo valley and Mezzorano Coast.
Then the hikes goes between the sky and the sea.
You reach Corone Point, a rocky just under the Porto Rocca Hotel which delimitate Monterosso bay on the eastern side. Ati this point the path enters the ancient part of the village near the Tower Palace.

To the Sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Graces (Santuario di Nostra Signora delle Grazie)
Path n. 7 (From Vernazza to the Cigoletta)
Path n.7 detaches itself from n.2 Vernazza-Corniglia (ex Blue Path) short after the bar/restaurant "The Tower" sited on a panoramic pull-in. It runs along the ridge of a rock wall. It turn to the left toward the village of Vernazza beginning to ascend the valley.
It grazes the park of an isolated house and soon after it faces the sea again. The ascend toward Comeneco saddle of St. Bernardino is spectacular. The path runs entirely immersed in the Mediterranean bush in front of the sea. On going out from the bush the path comes up the rim of a landslide which reach path 2 in the basin of Macereto. On the left the coast is firmer and permits the vine-dresser to keep on the cultivation of the vine.
When you arrive at Comeneco Saddle and you have crossed the provincial way St. Bernardino-Corniglia, you reach St. Bernardino's little village.
The path crosses the square of the Sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Graces (Santuraio di Nostra Signora delle Grazie).

Le cinque terre: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza e Monterosso