<h3>Hostel 5 terre</h3><br /> <h4>Aposada hostel accommodation in La Spezia, next to the area of 5 terre. Discover our hostel 5 terre.</h4>

Hostel 5 terre

Aposada offers cheap holiday accommodation. Hostel in 5 terre and La Spezia.

A few kilometers away from La Spezia is located our hostel 5 Terre a location that will allow you to move throughout the bay and visit the famous 5 terre area.
Inside our hostel 5 terre, our staff is highly qualified and disposal of our guests.
Members of our staff will advise you in organizing your excursions to discover the 5 terre, and they'll give you any advice on traditional dishes to taste and about the best restaurants where you can organize your dinner at a good price, thanks the numerous agreements signed by our hostel with many restaurants at 5 terre.

Our hostel 5 terre is located very next to the train station of La Spezia.
From here you can quickly reach the 5 terre. These villages are very attractive from the point of view of the landscape and offer unparalleled views.
Thanks to the peculiarities of the landscape, this stretch of coast falls within the National Park of Cinque Terre, became part of world heritage by UNESCO.

5 terre, next our hostel, are five small fishing villages, surrounded by greenery near the sea.
The landscape has been shaped by man in a very superficial, shaping the ground for agricultural activities conducted on it.
Through these interventions, called "Terrazze", the landscape was made unique.

The mild climate allows for a constant flow of tourists throughout the year, although the majority voter is registered during the summer.
Nevertheless, our hostel to 5 terre records many reservation requests during the winter.

The 5 terre are easily accessible for those arriving by plane can land at Genoa or Pisa, before heading for La Spezia.
They can get to our hostel 5 terre also using the car. The railway exit is located a few kilometers away from the center of La Spezia.

Our hostel 5 terre offers rooms furnished in contemporary style and features interior art.
The walls of the rooms are painted with warm and vivid colors recall the summer.
The rooms of our 5 terre hostel are fully equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom, color TV, minibar. Inside our hostel at 5 terre finally, we provide for our guests a free internet connection.

Hostel 5 terre

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