<h3>Rooms for rent 5 terre</h3><br /> <h4>Aposada offers rooms for rent for your holiday in 5 terre. Thanks to aposada you can easily find cheap accoomodation like rooms for rent in 5 terre.</h4>

Rooms for rent 5 terre

Rent rooms in 5 terre is very easy thanks to Aposada guesthouse in La Spezia. We allow you to spend your holiday at 5 terre in convenient and comfortable rooms for rent, very next to 5 terre.

Discover the fabulous seaside villages of the 5 Terre: there we have rooms for rent for your exclusive holiday in La Spezia.
5 terre are five beautiful villages overlooking the sea in the marvellous stretch of the Ligurian coast from La Spezia to Genoa.
Planning your holiday to 5 terre today is still easier and cheaper thanks to rooms for rent Aposada.
Aposada is located in the center of La Spezia, and thanks to its position it allows you to rent a room next to 5 terre at a prices never seen before.

The structure where you can find rooms for rent is a recently restored building, situated a short walk from the train station of La Spezia where you can easily reach the villages of the 5 terre.
Aposada offers rooms for rent next to 5 terre: spacious rooms, furnished in modern and functional style, all independent and with separate bathroom, inside which you will feel better than your home.

Guesthouse Aposada is the best solution to organize your excursions to the 5 terre, easier than rent a room in 5 terre.

The simplest solution to go to 5 terre is to reach the train station, located just 300 meters from our house, Riomaggiore and the other villages are just a few minutes by train from Central Station.
If you drive, or better still moving through the coastal road that offers breathtaking views of the runs, our houses can reach 5 terre in few minutes.
Near Aposada there are several solutions for parking your car or motorbike.

One of the most evocative solution to reach 5 terre from la spezia is to walk across the pedestrian area of La Spezia, and reach the promenade Morin, departing from many connections by boat to the fantastic fishing villages.

This solution is undoubtedly the most feature allowing you to admire unique coastline, which would otherwise be impossible to visit unless Coming from the sea.

To move around the city, or reach the 5 terre from Aposada you can rent a bike, and with a little effort you can reach the 5 terre.

Thanks to the numerous agreements signed between our structure and many restaurants, you can taste the typical cuisine of La Spezia at low prices, with a menu designed specifically for tourist travelers who visit La Spezia and the 5 terre.

For your holiday to the 5 terre, you can rent a room in our structure.

Rooms for rent 5 terre

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Aposada Rooms for rent 5 terre